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Salesforce is the global No.1 CRM solution that supports the digital transformation of more than 170,000 corporate customers around the world based on SaaS (Software as a Service). i2max, which is the only Salesforce Total Service Provider and Platinum Consulting Partner in Korea, is a Cloud Expert Group that has the capability to support and perform customer success, and has been verified as a sustainable company. i2max provides full-scale support for customers' digital transformation based on the expertise in Salesforce Solution and abundant project execution experience in domestic and overseas by providing differentiated services.


Consulting / License Supply

Do you know that simple solutions can't help you achieve successful business growth?

i2max’s total consulting service secures the optimal license that perfectly reflects the customer's needs and maximizes the efficiency of using Salesforce solutions. Ranging from system and requirement analysis, suitable solution and architecture design, function implementation and testing to stabilization,

All of this is possible at i2max consulting.


Customer Success Service

i2max’s Customer Success Service helps customers achieve their business goals through optimal solution operation and continuous advancement. We provide full-scale support for the successful operation of Salesforce solutions and also provide training services in connection with officially certified training centers. Reduce operating costs and improve work productivity with i2max 's Managed – Adoption – Training Service.

Independent Software Vendor

i2max develops its own SaaS solution through its affiliated research institute, and promotes its own cloud business by developing and applying solutions specialized for each industry based on best practices. Use the Salesforce solution more efficiently with i2sema and i2Vision of i2max’s independent SaaS solution.

The best choice i2max

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The best in Korea

The largest number of Salesforce Certification,
Trailhead Badge in Korea

  • Certification


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The Largest

The largest in Korea

The largest number and scale of projects.
Abundant global expansion project references

  • Project


  • Customer


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The first in Korea

Attract direct investment in Series A scale from Salesforce Ventures after
rigorous examination of technology, compliance, and project performance.

Salesforce is one of the fastest and most innovative growing IT companies in the world, and is the global No.1 CRM solution including CRM, sales, customer service, and marketing.

The company supports digital transformation of more than 87% of Fortune 500 companies and more than 600 companies in Korea through leading SaaS-based solutions, and provides a platform technology foundation along with all solutions for customer's front-office optimization.

has successfully delivered services to Partners from various industries

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