Introduction to i2max

i2max is

The only platinum partner in Korea of 'Salesforce', the world's No.1 cloud CRM solution,
and has successfully led digital transformation of numerous customers through Salesforce since 2011.
It has grown into a leading 'Cloud·SaaS expert company' with a one-stop value chain that can provide customized services.


The logo, which is based on the combination of ‘i’ and ‘m’, which are letters of the English alphabet, and plus ‘c’, which symbolizes the corporate philosophy, contains the founding philosophy of maximizing individual capabilities and the core value ‘3C (Co-intelligence, Communication, Collaboration)’ pursued by i2max.

Learn more about 3C, the core value of i2max’


Here are the footsteps of i2max


2021 The winner of Salesforce Korea Partner of the Year

CommerceCloud/MuleSoft/Datorama/DocuSign Partner


Korea’s first attracting investment from Salesforce Ventures


Open Salesforce Authorized Training Center


Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner Engagement
(The only one in Korea among 6 Platinum Consulting Partner in APAC)

2012 Reseller Engagement


The winner of the Consulting Partner of the year award 2011


Start Salesforce business

One Stop Digital Transformation

I2max shares every journey of Digital Transformation

  • Consulting/License


    We support customer innovation based on understanding of the cloud and solutions such as Salesforce, Tableau, and Cornerstone. We propose necessary functions for each customer and customize them to fit through development.

    We deliver this solution
  • Customer Success Service

    Solution operation/management, now leave it to the professionals!

    We support the achievement of business goals through optimal solution operation and continuous advancement. Get all-round integrated services from managing to adoption, and training for users in the field.

    We deliver this service
  • ISV

    Meet the independent cloud solution developed
    by the i2max affiliated research center!

    Use Salesforce solutions more effectively with various SaaS solutions based on Social Platform.

    We develop this solution
  • Training Center

    Participate in accredited training courses and get to know Salesforce in a short time!

    Participate in Salesforce professional consultants, developers, managers, and user training provided at the only official Salesforce training center in Korea. Professional instructors visit you online and offline.

Why i2max?

i2max is the optimal and best choice.


We are a group of top Salesforce professionals by objective evaluation.

  • Korea’s only Consulting Partner with the highest grade of platinum

  • Salesforce Expertise Certification



    Marketing & Pardot




  • Korea's largest number of certifications, badges and professionals

    Salesforce Certification
    More than 540 Salesforce Certifications

    Trailhead Badge
    More than 15,700 Trailhead Badges


We have the capability to support and perform our clients' successful digital transformation.

  • We have the capabilities that fit the customer's perspective by carrying out a number of large-scale client projects.

  • Unlike on-premise environments, global expansion projects in SaaS cloud environments require different strategies and methodologies than domestic projects.

  • i2max has rich experience and knowledge of global expansion by carrying out various global projects ranging through Asia, Europe, and America.


We have been recognized for our direct investment in Salesforce and our sustainability management potential.

  • In 2020, i2max succeeded in attracting series A scale direct investment from Salesforce Ventures for the first time in Korea.

  • Salesforce is investing in more than 400 promising companies in 22 countries around the world through a rigorous screening of aiming to expand the enterprise cloud ecosystem.

  • The success of attracting investment has been recognized for our technological capability, compliance, and project execution capability, which is the only one in Korea.

  • And that also means that global networking collaborations are possible with the 400+ companies that Salesforce invests in.

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