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supports customers' digital transformation

i2max is the only platinum partner in Korea of 'Salesforce', the world's No.1 cloud CRM solution, and has successfully led digital transformation of numerous customers through Salesforce since 2011. It has grown into a leading 'Cloud/SaaS expert company' with a one-stop value chain that can provide customized services.

Core Value

We work with 3C.

The logo, which is based on the combination of ‘i’ and ‘m’, which are letters of the English alphabet, and plus ‘c’, which symbolizes the corporate philosophy, contains the founding philosophy of maximizing individual capabilities and the core value ‘3C (Co-intelligence, Communication, Collaboration)’ pursued by i2max.

Grow together / 3C

A company that ‘grows together’ with the core values of 3C with 140 experts

  • Co-intelligence

    A knowledge sharing culture that helps everyone to become experts by sharing what I know with coworkers

  • Collaboration

    A horizontal organization that promotes an active solution to issues regardless of job position/title

  • Communication

    An organizational culture that loves not only employees but also their families based on the value of growing together


The following people are working together at i2max. We introduce the talents that are essential for ‘growing together.’

  • 1

    We are

    We are confident in everything and work proactively in everything.

  • 2

    We are

    We can come up with creative ideas through brainstorming with various types of people.

  • 3

    We want to

    We communicate and collaborate with coworkers around us with bright attitude.

  • 4

    We compete
    with ourselves.

    We challenge ourselves and constantly grow and develop rather than competing with coworkers.

Employee Benefits

Growing together for a better tomorrow than today, i2max pays attention to the little things.

  • Your growth is our growth

    Monthly knowledge sharing meeting hosted by Cloud experts/ Support for acquisition of certificate/ Active support for work-related competency development expenses

  • A company where people are the most valuable asset

    Rewarding long-term employees (travel expenses, gold key)/ Various congratulations and condolences support/ Large-scale support for wedding expenses

  • A company with a good work-life balance

    Once-a-month Family Day (leaving early)/ 5 days additional leave in addition to statutory annual leave

  • A company loving a little joy

    Various anniversary events / employee communication events

  • Work depends on the equipment!

    Providing a high-performance business laptop (Choose 1 from the latest LG gram and MacBook)

Corporation Certification

Through continuous efforts to grow together, we have been recognized as a small but strong company.

  • 고용노동부

    Small giant

    A visionary and stable company

    High growth potential, Solid financial structure

  • 서울특별시

    Seoul Small Small Enterprise

    Excellent employment environment and corporate culture

    Outstanding job security performance Wage level

  • 기술혁신형중소기업


    Excellent technological competitiveness

  • (사)벤처기업협회

    Venture business

    R&D capability and Excellent corporate credit

  • 청년친화강소기업

    Youth-friendly small business

    “Wage” and “Daily Life Balance” Excellent Certification

    Beginning wages, working hours, welfare benefits Excellent company

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