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i2Vision supports the development of data sets for Salesforce's Einstein
Vision (AI-based, large-scale image recognition and classification).

Make Einstein Vision's object detection more user-friendly with i2Vision.

Main Features of i2Vision

  • Asset Management of Einstein Vision

    Einstein Vision is one of the Einstein platform products. The Einstein platform is API-based, and using its functions requires .pem-based keys for all APIs. Users can easily manage licenses with i2vision.

  • Create and Manage Data Sets
    That Work With Salesforce

    Users can easily upload data sets with the click of a button or pre-built actions.

  • Data Model Training

    i2Vision makes it easy to train and monitor data model metrics.

  • Object Recognition

    Users can easily perform object recognition through screenshots from phone, saving time and resources.

I2max Formula

  • Customized consulting

    We provide customized consulting only for the functions required by customers.

  • Various PRE-BUILT functions

    You can easily adopt functions already developed by i2max, such as sending a KakaoTalk message.

  • Maintenance and repairs

    From solution construction, use training, and maintenance & repairs, solve it at once in i2max.

i2Vision Introduced customer case

i2Vision AI 모델 데이터 세트 개발 지원

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