B2B Marketing Platform

Pardot is a leading B2B marketing automation
solution powered by AI and built on the world's No.1 CRM.

It enables marketers to generate more high-quality leads, helping them close more deals faster.
Build a personalized customer journey with Pardot and get a complete view of how your campaigns are conducted.

Changes in Average Annual ROI after adoption of Pardot

  • of lead collection


  • of sales income


  • of sales cycle


  • of marketer productivity


Source : Salesforce Customer Success Survey(2017-2019)

Main Features of Pardot

  • Automation on Email marketing

    Engaging buyers with dynamic and personalized email campaigns.

  • Securing lead and pipeline

    Fill your pipeline with high-quality leads that are constantly coming in.

  • AI-based lead scoring

    Einstein finds the leads most likely to become customers based on persona.

  • Marketing results and ROI analysis

    Understanding every step of the customer journey to get true marketing ROI.

I2max Formula

  • Customized consulting

    We provide customized consulting only for the functions required by customers.

  • Various PRE-BUILT functions

    You can easily adopt functions already developed by i2max, such as sending a KakaoTalk message.

  • Maintenance and repairs

    From solution construction, use training, and maintenance & repairs, solve it at once in i2max.

Pardot Introduced customer case

  • StanleyBlack&Decker

    By establishing Pardot, we created synergy between marketing and sales teams to increase market share.

  • Surf Air

    Pardot enables companies to offer a variety of campaigns and interactions to potential customers based on their history.

Pardot B2B Marketing Platform

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