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What are you investing in to gain insights behind your data?

More than 90,000 companies worldwide and over 1,200 companies in Korea already use Tableau in all business areas. Tools for data analysis are also important, but ‘How do I show them?’ and ‘How do I share them?’ are also important decisions to become a data-centric company. Tableau is the most powerful data visualization BI solution with both BI tools and all the functions a data-centric company needs.

Major ROI changes after adoption of Tableau

  • 587%

    587% ROI increase

  • 52%

    52% profit margin from accelerating evaluation and decision-making

  • 400%

    400% utilization of in-house standardized dashboard

  • 87.5%

    87.5% reduction
    in report creation time

Source : Forrester

Why Tableau?

  • 01Visualization

    Increasing the visibility of your data by showing the data analysis results in context-based colors and sizes

  • 02Flexibility

    Using various databases and data files regardless of industry group

  • 03Automation

    Automatically generating a formatted report when applying a standardized data format to a completed Tableau template

  • 04Convenience

    Easy to use even for non-professionals who do not know the programming language

Main Features of Tableau

  • Fast and convenient analysis by drag & drop

  • Real-time sharing via web and mobile

  • Big data, smart dashboard

  • Auto-update

I2max Formula

  • Customized consulting

    We provide customized consulting only for the functions required by customers.

  • Various PRE-BUILT functions

    You can easily adopt functions already developed by i2max, such as sending a KakaoTalk message.

  • Maintenance and repairs

    From solution construction, use training, and maintenance & repairs, solve it at once in i2max.

Tableau Introduced customer case

  • LS Mtron

    As data was visible at a glance, sales innovation took place.

  • Lenovo

    Reporting efficiency has improved by 95% across the enterprise.

Tableau Data Visualization Analysis Platform

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