Customer Success Service

Customer Success Service

CSS is a customer success service that helps customers achieves their business goals
through optimal solution operation and continuous advancement.

Reduce operating costs and improve work productivity with external experts dedicated to solution operation and advancement.

Changing Paradigms in Management Services

In the meantime,
we could see that there was a business problem only after we noticed errors in the server or networking.

  • In the Break-Fix Model,

    when a system goes down, it is inefficient and costly since there are significant losses in terms of productivity and profits. In addition, complex scrambles often appear.

  • Managed Service

    Offers an alternative to the Break-Fix model. Focusing on prevention of occurrence rather than post-processing after an issue occurs, it identifies the risks that need to be addressed before a problem occurs, and signals immediately when problems occur.

In the managed services, all systems, including patches and security protocols, are always up to date.
In addition, it reduces system errors and consequent user complaints by identifying risks early.

CSS’s Main Services

  • Adoption Service

    Providing integrated customer-tailored services for solution operation and optimization

  • Managed Service

    Rapid function update and expansion through service monitoring and Helpdesk, and failure response

  • Training Service

    Providing customized training curriculum according to solution user needs

I2max Formula

  • 01

    Stable operation

    Immediate request confirmation and incident response through Success Community, and continuous maintenance

  • 02

    Solution advancement

    Reflecting the latest technology and updating according to business needs, and advancing solutions through it

  • 03

    Expert support

    Assigning a Dedicated Team (Success Manager, Admin/Advanced Admin, Developer) composed of top experts

  • 04

    Customized training support

    Providing user/operator/solution training curriculum according to solution user needs

Customer Success Service Customer Success Service

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