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i2Notiforce supports text messages/Kakao Business messages sent in Korea
on the Salesforce platform.

Send text messages and Kakao AlimTalk/FriendTalk messages from your domestic phone number.

Main Features of i2Notiforce

  • Redirect and Eliminate Spam Messages

    Enables the ability to send text messages (SMS/LMS/MMS) directly from a
    domestic number within Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The “Super Message” of the
    existing marketing cloud is received from an overseas number.

  • Realization of Powerful Personalized Marketing

    Enables the ability to send targeted 1-to-1 messages in bulk, powered by
    marketing cloud data. Effectively increases open rates, customer retention, and customer loyalty

I2max Formula

  • Customized consulting

    We provide customized consulting only for the functions required by customers.

  • Various PRE-BUILT functions

    You can easily adopt functions already developed by i2max, such as sending a KakaoTalk message.

  • Maintenance and repairs

    From solution construction, use training, and maintenance & repairs, solve it at once in i2max.

i2Notiforce Introduced customer case

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